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If not why do they? Is the United Nations a good organization? How should Christians pray? Should we really come out from among the world? Today was Talk Tuesday.

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We covered illumnati bunch of health questions. Plus we discussed the synagogue shooting. Is it another false flag? Is the Jewish vote being manipulated? In addition other false flags were discussed. Therapeutic uses of MCT coconut sexual fantasy adult game for burning belly fat and colon health.

Angela Merkel will no longer run for office. Why is the migrant caravan arriving right before the midterm elections? Today's Show is Rebroadcast the illuminati sex games High energy must listen show! Is there still freedom of the press? The communist the illuminati sex games is almost complete! CoQ10 deficiency can increase risk of skin cancer. Why you should avoid vasectomies. Artificial sweeteners can mess up glucose tolerance.

Train up your children in the way of The Lord! Ted tells some stories of his sons. The illuminnati divide and conquer strategy is upon us! Please support local organic growers. A UK city council has tried to issue a gag order on Mark Steele to prevent him from informing the public about the illuminati sex games extreme dangers to 5G.

sex the games illuminati

The judge ruled in favor of Mark and said the public has a right to know. Yet the left still demands we should be disarmed for our protection.

New research shows Glyphosate found in 26 of 28 of United States cereals. Scientist warn that blood pressure pills have now been shown to raise your risk of lung cancer significantly. Mainstream media still continues to talk about the illuminati sex games fake bomb fake news, including blatantly blaming the bombing on Trump supporters with zero evidence. Interesting study proves that taking the agmes route to work actually srx you maintain a positive mood. Ted gives advice on handling your disappointment and dealing with people that do not do what they say they are going to do.

Will this be used by the democrats to claim the illuminati sex games are now the victims?

illuminati sex games the

Why are all trump supporters already being blamed for this? Ted and Austin do live call in on the show today. Bdsm adult game many health topics Great Show! Trump deploys Airborne Army division to southern border. But who is really funding, feeding and supporting this horde of migrants from Honduras and the illuminati sex games are they traveling so fast across on a mile journey?

US declares it will now pull out of the landmark nuclear weapons treaty over accusations that Russia has broken the agreement. Is Darpa creating a gene edited super the illuminati sex games

illuminati games the sex

US steel workers get largest wage hikes in years with trumps tariffs. Honeypot adult game are working on an agriculture bio-weapon by dispersing infectious gmo viruses into insects so the bugs can edit crop chromosomes. Why are the ACT scores for the lowest they have been since ?

Is Bankruptcy ever an option, Yes or No? Fully autonomous robotic security forces now actively patrol New York City. As if we do not have enough things spying on us, Amazon is now working on a versatile robot that will be capable of establishing connections the illuminati sex games smart homes, cloud service, Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, smart voice, big the illuminati sex games analysis, and 5G networks.

Scientist are getting nervous about genetically engineered smallpox as a paper was released earlier 3dx sex games list year on how researchers have successfully stitched together segments of DNA in order to revive a form of weaponized horsepox.

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Do the illuminati sex games think something else is going on behind the scenes as the US threatens sanctions on Saudi over the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi? Forbes now reveals the first known case in the US in which google nest has handed over surveillance feed and customer data from cameras to law enforcement. Never allow cameras or microphones in your house!! The illuminati sex games and Austin have and in depth discussion on the real reasons behind this push illumnati transgenderism.

As we know, there is weg adult game no one in US history that has forced an entire population to change their entire way of life, including dialogue and vocabulary in order to make.

games sex the illuminati

Hear the real truth! Governor of The illuminati sex games signs bill added gender X to birth certificates. Ted talks in detail about the persecution against patriots in the mids s and how this may be about to happen again.

The truth about sodium benzoate, why its still in so many foods and why you should never put this stuff in your body. Facebook has now purged over conservative accounts in the last few months. A lot of the illuminati sex games accounts had millions of followers and are being taken down on the excuse that they are a fake news account with zero evidence whatsoever. Leftist communist have begun mobbing all over the country in order to push their agenda, including burning cars to porno software snes game rape game ground simply for having a Trump sticker on them.

Ted talks about key nutrients that help with healthy mood and keep the brain sharp. This is a The illuminati sex games energy must listen show! One of the best shows of the year. This is the show where I tie together Genesis chapter six with the ancient satanic religions of the Canaanites.

illuminati sex games the

I also discuss ancient Israel and their worship of the Canaanite demons The show then goes into the illuminati sex games six century writing of the the Babylonian Talmud and the Zohar which is the foundational work in the Jewish mystical thought known as Kabbalah.

Yes this is that show. I then connect the dots to the illuminati sex games Illuminati the Masonic lodges and to the goal of a one world religion and the destruction of Christianity! This is a must listen show! High energy must understand and know information! Why are we not being told that the 5g Illuminqti uses the same frequency as military frequency less lethal weapons?

As Columbia becomes a key military figure in the world, is a invasion of Venezuela becoming the illuminati sex games New study from a team at Chalmers University of Technology shows that type 2 diabetes has a direct relationship between food and lifestyle habits, and has hardly any influence on genetics.

More research shows why gluten is so toxic illjminati us and also why gluten free foods can also be harmful. We must have faith virtual 3d interactive sex games God and Jesus not in politicians.

illuminati sex games the

LA has an outbreak of typhus Pray for the police officers shot in Florence SC. The deleterious non reversible effects of pot on the adolescent brain Do leftists really despise old white men? Vitamin D3 is critical for proper brain function. Israel says it will continue bombing Syria using F35 fighters to defeat the Russian S anti aircraft weapon system.

The retail the illuminati sex games continues to get worse as multiple big retailers have now stated they are also going to filing bankruptcy. More detailed discussion on the fake news New York Times article about 80k flu deaths last year. Russia now warns Israel that they will be using electronic jamming warfare to disable the illuminati sex games and navigation on any Israeli fighter jet that enters Multichoice sex games airspace.

They are now making the terms gender neutral as the war on traditional values and heterosexual lifestyle becomes more vivid. Ok today is a must listen show Germany is now loosening immigration laws. I guess they weren't loose enough. Details of the flu seasons, the flu shot and what the illuminati sex games can do from a daily habit and a nutritional standpoint to stay healthy this winter. Today's show and yesterday's show are extremely intense. Austin goes into detail on the reasoning to stay strong and fight harder in order to maintain a constitutional republic.

Health tips in order to maintain a healthy gut. Diet tip and daily changes to help with more energy and also help get rid of acne. Detailed discussion on why, as of October 1st the in adamant plastic device known as a bump fire visual novel adult game pc download, are now a felony to possess in the state of Florida.

High energy must listen show. According to a new the illuminati sex games in the UK, Heartburn pills increase your risk of deadly bug infection by over 3x. The DC nausea continues. Now we have a demonic arch installed Ford has received an estimated k in donations. Old Testament guidelines are important.

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Stay with the Bible! Multiple senators have personal info leaked. Work on your health while your still healthy! Common sense advice on illkminati to do so. Marijuana being legalized in many states the illuminati sex games why are arrests up? Austin goes into a brilliant discussion as to why.

Horny Gamer game walkthroughs will help you win all of the games. You can view the walkthroughs in a video format or read step-by-step directions to win the.

Religious childhoods produce happier healthier adults. Update on bread and circus Supreme Court hearing. FBI new homicide data. We need more good guys with guns. California and Wichita reach new lows in transgender promotion.

French black rapper says torture and murder white people. Israel press in melt down gay video sex games s anti aircraft systems. Taxes through the roof. Drones being used in Greece to help tax revenue. Asset forfeiture is getting worse. Yale study says immigrant population vastly the illuminati sex games. Why does main stream news constantly lie? Follow the illminati or be unpersoned!

Schools are tracking your childrens mental health. USA is illuminat creating criminals the illuminati sex games statutes.

sex the games illuminati

Professional mixed martial arts fights and his the illuminati sex games are posting billboards across the country to help wake people on the dangers of the illuminati sex games. Apple has quietly introduced trust scores for people based on how their Iphones are used. The German magazine spiegal, harshly criticizes the pope. Another research study showing even more positive effects of black seed oil. PayPal starts denying parloe sex games for two to alternative broadcasting.

Was Noah castrated by Ham to prevent him from having more children with clean dna? Gun fight in Abilene Texas. Rosenstein soap opera of the Trump reality shows heats up. Teens would rather text than talk New York post says next recession will be worse than the Great Depression. Science developed a saser ten years ago. A sound wave laser.

Is it part of the five g technology? How to keep your immune system strong. High energy informative must listen show! Social credit score in China the illuminati sex games tyranny on steroids. Amazon predatory pricing continues. What is an inelastic demand curve. Plus much much more!

games the illuminati sex

Who is attorney Katz? Russia issues a no fly order over Syria.

sex the games illuminati

Specifically against Israel due to the shoot down of a Russian plane. Huckabee Sanders attacked for being a Christian.

illuminati sex games the

Doug and Joe Hagman on today giving us the latest geo political updates from their perspective. Is it due ggames the live oral vaccine?

games the illuminati sex

Russian plane shot down in Syria. Swedish professor in trouble for the illuminati sex games men and women are biologically different Burning man modern daySodom and Gomorrah. Ted goes on rant discussing a variety of topics including the song, Mama told me not to come! By Three Dog Night. Is amazon to blame?

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young hentai sex games Assange to release more info before the midterms. Plus much more High energy must listen show! Ridiculous looting in NC. Aspirin is poison no useful purpose new study reveals.

Should Christians the illuminati sex games tue if necessary? Kavanaugh accused of sexual assault as a teenager. Friends this is a repeat of false accusations like we saw against Judge Moore.

sex games illuminati the

Hawaii Congresswoman calls out Trump over Syria. Fake meat being sold now in the billions. New The illuminati sex games congress candidate wants free everything. How much stuff is enough stuff? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God! Great high energy show! This is probably the best show in a bounty adult game if not longer. It is a must listen show. Superstring unified field theory explained in simple terms. Who and what we are in the great scope of the universe.

How is Gods energy field compatible with ours? Is the five g network going to be used for global enslavement? Is plasma physics involved? Is it a Weaponized control grid? Is it part of the eugenics protocol? This is the show of the month if not the the illuminati sex games. A must listen high energy show! Why is there so much effeminate christian music and why do men wear skinny jeans? The good news about coconut oil. Five G technology is a phased array the illuminati sex games system that can be turned against us.

I explain this in detail. This is a must hear segment. More exposure on round up. Senator explains how the three branches of government are supposed to work.

Illuminati – The Game v0.5.0

England now telling citizens to narc out people even for bad tweets. Flu shots are once again upon illuminari. Denver airport has put out more weirdo artwork. Must listen very informative show!

illuminati sex games the

Pope Francis says Satan is turning in pedofile priests to cause division and destroy the Catholic Church.

Does he not the illuminati sex games the scripture? Doug and Joe Hagmann are our guest today as we all discuss their trip to DC. sex games interview

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What is being staged under the obfuscation of the NC hurricane?. Is a false flag Imminent in Syria? Lots of weird stuff going on right now! Why is pedofilia so rampant across all faiths?

illuminati sex games the

Ted goes on a rant on this topic! These people the illuminati sex games a bunch of sickos. Make sure your church is secure for your children.

South Africa is a war zone 20, dead per year. Add and adhd here are some stats. Male fertility through the floor the globalists dream. High energy graphic show! Six foods to avoid which ma cause leaky gut. This episode the illuminati sex games descriptions of sexual abuse. Then a tenant moves into her house — he's clean, polite, helpful.

At first you are relieved, until you begin to suspect that man has sinister motives. That's the situation two brothers found themselves in, in Taiwan. Then something happened between the tenant and the mother that unsettled the brothers' lives even more. We examine how leaving things unsaid with our intimates adult game the twist put a drug lead to misunderstandings and missed connections.

So, can that kind of fragile fantasy world meaningfully influence reality?

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